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Rowan Davis' "Meadow" part
Most of clips in this part were shot in Newcastle where both Rowan and Izrayl (the filmer) grew up. The area is known as 'Steel City' a once thriving steel making town until 1999 where most of the working sites closed due to the industry slowing down and going off shore. There are a couple of steel making plants still left and the town has a beauty about it even though it has a rough and rugged side. Please take a moment to wash your eyeballs in this delightful video from Rowan Davis and Izrayl Brinsdon, then read our interview on Jenkem to find out what kind of myths American pop culture teaches about Australia. FULL INTERVIEW & MORE INFO: Video by: Izrayl Brinsdon Music: Collector – “Lockout Law” & Filmmaker – “Lust Riders”
Posted by: Jenkem Mag