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We Tried To Make Our Own Skate Wheels
We tried to make a wheel from scratch! Yeah, like the ones you see with that flame guy at all the cool skate shops. After finding a polyurethane mixture of the right hardness (we went with 65D, about as hard as 101A, the hardest hardnesss that skate wheels come in) we got a silicone mold-making kit from our local arts and crafts store and went to work. Mixing polyurethane turned out to be sketchier than we expected, but no one got poisoned, so peep our supply list below if you want to try it yourselves. Just don’t sue us if you use these materials to make a sex toy of your own genitals and something goes wrong. SUPPLY LIST: — plastic disposable cups — thumb tacks — cooking oil — liquid polyurethane mixture — silicone rubber (for the mold) — one skateboard wheel (to form the mold) Mad Scientist: Nic Dobija-Nootens Video by: Alexis Castro MORE INFO:
Posted by: Jenkem Mag