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Skateboarding videos
Woodward West Winter Camp 2016
Winter Camp at Woodward West is your chance to experience the fun of summer during our off-season 4 day camp. This year our special guest was none other than Andrew Reynolds. Andrew had a blast skating with the skateboard campers. The skateboarding program at Woodward West is the very best way to meet some new friends and enjoy a fun few days learning from some awesome staff. Winter Camp dates are always the same, December 28 - 31. Join us for the summer or give Winter Camp a try Filmed and edited by Dante Agee Register For Camp Today! SUBSCRIBE for more Woodward moments: http://bit.ly/1mTgvbY Camp is always Tweeting and Posting to Instagram and Facebook! FOLLOW US here: The Woodward West website: http://bit.ly/wwwest INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/wwwestig FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/wwwestfb TWITTER: http://bit.ly/wwwesttwRegister For Camp Today!
Posted by: Woodward West