Skateboarding videos
OPENERS: ISSUES 1-5 (RAW UNEDITED BONUS)Before Mark Appleyard introduces what is in the issue, there are a few clips, all played in slow motion, known as "openers". These clips start the issue out on a high note with some gnarly skating from some of your favorite, and most under rated skaters out there. If you have a gnarly clip you think is opener worthy, send it to us via wetrasnfer to if we use your clip you will be paid for it and it will run in the issue! download issues 1-5 today and see these in their true light: FILMING BY: Jordan maxham, Sierra Fellers, Spencer Burdock, Blake Housenga, Unk, Cristian Shepard, Vitor Borger, Tim Savage, Chris Dunne.
Posted by: iDabble VM