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Skateboarding videos
SF Skate Club Presents: "Cultural Perspective" by Michael Cheatum and Ricardo Rios
SFSC and Steve Ruge aka Shrewgy (active in the business of skateboarding for 30 years) hosted a unique short format film festival on April 9th at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. We teamed 4 established film makers that came from skateboarding roots with 4 of our current program standouts in the creative visuals portion of SF Skate Club. The 4 separate teams showcased a 2-6 minute effort to raise funds for SFSC's after school program "Eduskate". Michael Cheatum is a 21 year old San Francisco born & raised filmmaker. This is his first live film premiere, and what better way to make his debut than as a mentor in this project for a younger youth from SF Skate Club. He started cinematography about three years ago. Since then, he’s gotten two films published on Thrasher Magazine, felt the pleasure of sharing his views, lifestyle, perspective & art. Now, he has the added honor of being an older role model. All of this is because of skateboarding, and he’s hyped to see where skating will lead him next. Here’s a compilation brought to you by Ricardo Rios and Michael showcasing the attributes of skating that stand out for many skaters. *Films: Malcolm Day 2016 – Happy Birthday, Malcolm; Malcolm Day 2015 Ricardo Rios is 13 years old and a student at Hoover Middle School. He joined EduSkate after meeting SF Skate Club’s co-founder, Thuy Nguyen and another youth, Miguel Pastreich at a community meeting in the Valencia Gardens housing complex. Ricardo is a thoughtful and thought-provoking youth who does not take life for granted. He shows a deep appreciation for other’s sincerity and