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Skateboarding videos
SF Skate Club Presents: "Two Stories" with Angel and Ryan
SFSC and Steve Ruge aka Shrewgy (active in the business of skateboarding for 30 years) hosted a unique short format film festival on April 9th at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. We teamed 4 established film makers that came from skateboarding roots with 4 of our current program standouts in the creative visuals portion of SF Skate Club. The 4 separate teams showcased a 2-6 minute effort to raise funds for SFSC's after school program "Eduskate". This piece was created to highlight youth that utilize SFSC outside the normal programs offered and tell their stories in their own words. SFSC is open for youth 7 days a week in SF. Youth swing by, grab snacks, and tune up their setups, and in many cases, use the resources offered by SFSC including paints, paper, computers and just plain space as well as somebody to talk to. To learn more or to donate, go to sfskateclub.com.Cast: SFSkate ClubTags: sf skate club, push it forward, youth film, sf and skateboarding