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Skateboarding videos
SF Skate Club Presents: "Catching the Dream" by Paul Harper and Miguel Pastreich and Jamaica Kalika
SFSC and Steve Ruge aka Shrewgy (active in the business of skateboarding for 30 years) hosted a unique short format film festival on April 9th at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. We teamed 4 established film makers that came from skateboarding roots with 4 of our current program standouts in the creative visuals portion of SF Skate Club. The 4 separate teams showcased a 2-6 minute effort to raise funds for SFSC's after school program "Eduskate". Big Pauly is an SF native from the Mission district, who started skating at 8 years old when his neighbor passed on the proverbial used deck. Although he struggled within the confines of a standardized educational institution, Pauly found mentors through skating who demonstrated focus and purpose in the midst of chaos and provided him with the informal education to realize and pursue his passions. Pauly is an urban explorer, a connector of good talent and people, and a natural born role model, pushing it forward to help you achieve that “Golden State of Mind.” Miguel Pastreich is from the Fillmore and attends Mission High School. He was a part of the EduSkate middle school program and has graduated to become a youth intern through the Mayor’s Education and Employment Program. He handles everything with a positive attitude, capable hands, and follow-through to the end. “I got you,” he says with good humor and ease. In addition to skating, surfing, film making and competing on the Dragon Boat team at Mission High School, Miguel also has a passion for good food and a little friendly competition. Jamaica Kalika is a sophomore