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ho66y – Hobbies and Interests
ho66y – Hobbies and InterestsUtrecht has spoken! Here's new Dutch brand ho66y’s first full length, featuring Jelle Maatman, Jaap Langenhoff, Stephan Schuuring, Jesse Voerman, Teun Janssen, Elias Grimes, Derek Zomer, Kaka Lee, Florian Laane, Bert Roeterdink, Lars de Weerd, Kasper Voerman, Reyndert Guilljam, Justin Wagener and Dennis van der Klugt. Filmed by Jesse Voerman & Derek Zomer and masterfully put together by the latter. Animations: Wisdom of Time – Fonts & Designs: Jacob Wise – Directed by: Giel van der Leest, Jesse Voerman, Derek Zomer Curious to find out a bit more about these guys' hobbies and interests, the city of Utrecht and the brand itself? Check out our interview with the good guys behind the scenes and lenses: