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“Yeah Right!” | Girl Skateboards 2003 (4K Remaster)
“Yeah Right!” | Girl Skateboards 2003 (4K Remaster)"Yeah Right!" A 2003 Girl Skateboard company movie. Remastered in 4K by Jake Rosenberg Chapters: Keenan Forever: 0:00 Opening Credits: 3:00 Intro: 5:58 Brandon Biebel: 7:18 Magic Board: 10:11 Brian Anderson: 13:42 Marc Johnson: 16:42 Chocolate Montage: 20:46 Mike York: 25:35 Justin Eldridge: 28:54 Gino Iannucci: 30:20 Owen Wilson: 32:23 Robbie McKinley: 34:46 Girl Montage: 36:55 Paul Rodriguez: 42:33 The Skatetrix: 45:47 Jereme Rogers: 46:17 Mike Carroll: 48:56 Rick McCrank: 52:09 Invisible Board: 56:06 Eric Koston: 57:54 End Credits: 1:04:10 Starring: Brian Anderson Mike Carroll Tony Ferguson Rick Howard Eric Koston Rick McCrank Paul Rodriguez Jeron Wilson Brandon Biebel Robbie McKinley Jereme Rogers Co-Starring: Guy Mariano Rudy Johnson Keenan Milton Gino Iannucci Scott Johnston Kenny Anderson Richard Mulder Mike York Chico Brenes Marc Johnson Jesus Fernandez Ricardo Carvalho Daniel Castillo Chris Roberts Justin Eldridge Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Directors: Ty Evans, Cory Weincheque, Spike Jonze Filmed and Edited by: Ty Evans Follow Crailtap on Instagram: Daily Content and More!: Like Crailtap on Facebook: #KeenanForever #YeahRight #GirlSkateboards
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