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Yes We Canada | Girl Skateboards (2006)
Yes We Canada | Girl Skateboards (2006)Girl Skateboards' Koston, McCrank, Jereme Rogers and the new kids, Malto and Mike Mo, tour Eastern Canada. Local legend Dan Bochart guides their way. This is Mike Mo and Malto’s first trip with the Girl team, also the first time they met each other. Both were very confused when Koston showed up at the airport with golf clubs. The tour video is followed by “welcome” parts of Sean and Mo. Streets: 0:00 Demos: 3:48 Welcome Mo & Malto: 6:56 End Credits: 8:07 Executive Producers: Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze Edited by: Aaron Meza Filmed by: Steve Chalme Intro Animation by: Johannes Gamble Talent Managed by: Sam Smyth Click Here to Subscribe for More Crailtap! - Daily Content and More!: Like Girl on Facebook: Follow Girl on Instagram: Follow Crailtap on Twitter: Follow Crailtap on Snapchat: @TheRealCrailtap
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