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SHORTY'S | Fulfill The Dream | Chad Muska | 1998
SHORTY'S | Fulfill The Dream | Chad Muska | 1998Skateboarding legend Chad Muska has made headlines recently with his reunion with the Shorty's family, but his impact on the skateboarding world extends beyond just his impressive skills on the board. One of his most notable contributions to skateboarding culture is his involvement in the classic skate movie, Shorty's Fulfill the Dream. Released in 1998, Shorty's Fulfill the Dream features Muska and other members of the Shorty's team showcasing their skills on the streets and skateparks of California. The film was groundbreaking at the time for its innovative use of editing and music, which helped create a unique and immersive viewing experience for skateboarders and fans alike. Muska played a significant role in the making of the film, not only as one of the featured skateboarders but also as a creative force behind the scenes. He collaborated with the film's director, Tim Dowling, on the film's soundtrack and helped choose the music that would accompany the skateboarding footage. Shorty's Fulfill the Dream became an instant classic and has since been praised as one of the best skate movies of all time. It continues to inspire skateboarders around the world, who look to Muska and his fellow Shorty's team members as role models and icons. With Muska's recent return to Shorty's, fans are hoping that this could mean more exciting collaborations and projects in the future. Whether it's through skateboarding or film, Muska's influence on the culture of skateboarding remains as strong as ever. Shop Chad's Muska now on ------------------------------------------------------ Shop éS footwear and apparel Subscribe to our YouTube channel: We command you follow the Lords and Masters on all social media! Facebook:
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