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How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba's True Grit
How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba's True GritWant to skate forever? Salba's got the sauce! Take a deep dive into the decades of experience as Salba shares his wisdom and passion for skateboarding that never ages. The true embodiment of From the Beginning Til The End! Inspiring some of the greatest skateboarders of all time such as Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Jeff Kendall, Salba answers the question we are all too scared to ask, "How long can I skate for?" Follow Steve Alba on Instagram! Produced & Directed by Joe Perrin Main Editor: Richie Valdez Assistant Editor: Joe Perrin Camera Op: Joe Perrin, Tylre Wilcox, Nick Hanson, Matt Holland 00:00 Introduction 00:36 How long has Salba been skating? 00:50 Tony Hawk's first memory of Salba 01:10 Julie Alba, Steve's Wife 01:23 Vincent Price, Steve's childhood friend, Body Count 01:34 Corey Miller, Steve's childhood friend / Tattoo Artist 02:23 The Badlands 02:37 Salba's Pool Flyers 02:56 How Salba got hooked on pool skating 04:07 Salba's 3 choices 04:48 Lance Mountain's first memory of Salba winning Spring Valley 04:59 Salba's Spring Valley Contest plan 05:10 Hester Series #1 Spring Valley was the first official pro pool contest 06:10 Tony Hawk's school report from 1979 featuring Steve Alba 06:54 The idea of skaters not having longevity 07:33 Salba's collection 08:21 The first pool Salba skated 08:57 What Salba brought to pool skating 09:08 Flying planes to find spots, landing to skate them 09:42 Airplanes & Helicopters to satellites and drones 10:25 Finding a spot is as fun as riding it 11:37 Bringing positive life to The American Dream gone bad 12:55 Skateboarding takes a downturn in popularity 13:12 Jeff Kendall, NHS CEO, former Pro Santa Cruz rider 14:08 Salba staying true to skateboarding during the decline 14:43 Salba playing guitar 15:46 Band shots 16:05 Creativity 17:27 Salba's old skateboard collectio
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