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ACL Injury Prevention | Old Friends Fitness
ACL Injury Prevention | Old Friends FitnessWWW.OLDFRIENDSFITNESS.COM @Dr.KyleBrown and Old Friends have created a platform for skateboarders who want to come back from injuries and maintain strength and flexibility. You get access to easy-to-follow videos with evidence-based programs designed by Dr. Kyle Brown (licensed physical therapist) along with in-depth podcasts and more. Learn more about ACL Injury Prevention at These are the injuries/topics we cover: Achilles Tendinopathy ACL Prevention Ankle Sprains Foam Rolling Groin Injury Hamstring Strain Hip Flexor Pain Hip Impingement Low Back Muscle Strain MCL Injury Meniscus Pain Patellofemoral Pain Plantar Fasciitis Resistance Bands Shin Splints Static Stretching Warming Up Music by Bobby Renz
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