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Jamie Thomas & Chris Cole | The Nine Club - Episode 278
Jamie Thomas & Chris Cole | The Nine Club - Episode 278Jamie Thomas & Chris Cole discusses how they first met, the mongo intervention, Chris getting on Zero but not getting a unanimous vote, the rumors that Jamie was dressing Chris to fit Zero, Chris's Transworld “In Bloom” part, Jamie breaking the window in his “New Blood part, Jamie picking the music for his “Chomp On This” part, what exactly happened with Fallen Footwear, why Chris left Zero after 13 years then getting back on years later, Josh Kalis betting Chris $100 to backside flip the Love Gap, Jamie offering money for tricks, Chris’ new part, why Jamie used the same song for 2 different projects, why wasn't Corey Duffel on Fallen after having an ad come out, Jamie's last part he’s filming and much more! #TheNineClub #ChrisCole #JamieThomas Become a member of the channel & receive special perks Thank you to our sponsors AG1 (Athletic Greens): Manscaped: LMNT: Roark: (15% off automatically applied) Check out all of our deals & discounts Subscribe to our other channels More Nine Club: Nine Club Clips: Join The Nine Club discord Listen to The Nine Club on podcast Official Nine Club merch Social & Website Website: Twitch: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Chris Roberts: Links we talked about in this episod
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