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Meet The 63-Year-Old Female Skateboarding Pioneer Breaking Barriers & Going FAST! | Judi Oyama
Meet The 63-Year-Old Female Skateboarding Pioneer Breaking Barriers & Going FAST! | Judi OyamaMeet Judi Oyama, a 63-year-old skateboarder who has been ripping the streets and skateparks for decades. As a pioneer of the sport, Judi was there for the inception of Independent Trucks and helped recruit many notable names to the Santa Cruz Skateboards team. But Judi's love for skateboarding doesn't stop there. To this day, she still competes in downhill racing and slalom competitions, and is even a member of the US Slalom team. In addition, Judi holds onto a treasure trove of skateboarding memorabilia, including rare boards, vintage magazines, and more. Join us as we dive into the inspiring story of this skateboarding legend and learn how she continues to push the limits and break barriers in the world of skateboarding, while preserving its rich history for future generations to enjoy. 00:00 Introduction 00:33 Meet Judi 00:51 Judi's Background 01:25 Growing Up in Santa Cruz 01:36 Minna Sighting! 01:47 Judi's First Skateboard made by her Brother 01:59 Santa Cruz First Wooden Skateboard 02:35 The Capitola Classic 04:15 Meeting Novak and Jay 04:28 Getting Sponsored 04:43 Encouraging The Next Generation 05:56 10 foot roll in! 06:14 Winchester Skatepark 06:35 Inception of Independent Trucks 06:53 Judi Helps Santa Cruz & Indy Grow Their Teams 07:05 Novak, Haut & Shuirman 07:16 Being Present For First Independent Truck Roll In 07:31 Judi Shares EPIC RELICS with us! 08:03 Judi's Involvement with NHS Skate Museum 08:27 Judi & Slalom Racing 09:05 Judi Ripping Today! 10:04 Argentina 10:20 Crossfit 11:13 Judi is Proud of Women Skateboarding 11:35 Judi's Legacy Guest appearances: Minna Stess, Jamie Hart and Cliff Coleman Photos by: Daniel A Anderson Gary Medeiros Michael Smiley Goldman Bill Golding Filmed by Joey Digital Edited by Richie Valdez Hit up our US Dealer Locator to find a shop near you! https://santacru
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