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Yanks on Planks | Girl Skateboards (2008)
Yanks on Planks | Girl Skateboards (2008)On this day, 15 years ago, we turned Mike Mo, Alex, & Sean pro on our last day of our 2008 Australian tour. As we celebrate #3DecadesOfGirl we thought we'd revisit the Yanks On Planks tour featuring... Brian Anderson Brandon Biebel Mike Mo Capaldi Eric Koston Sean Malto Rick McCrank Alex Olson and Brad Staba Filmed and Edited by: Federico Vitetta Still Photography: Ben Colen Artwork: Andy Jenkins Motion Graphics: Johannes Gamble Chapters: Intro: 0:00 Adelaide: 0:24 Melbourne: 3:27 Melbourne Signing/Demos : 5:20 Credits: 7:05 Canberra: 7:42 Sydney: 9:19 Gold Coast: 9:52
Posted by: Crailtap