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Outtakes from the Oskar Rozenberg documentary | SOLO
Outtakes from the Oskar Rozenberg documentary | SOLOYou might have heard that there is a documentary out there about Oskar Rozenberg but you might not have seen it if you live outside of Sweden, where it was on tv. But since not many skaters get a feature like that on free tv, we called up Jonathan Lomar, who filmed and directed it, as well as Oski himself to ask them some questions about it. And in the end we even got Lomar to give us some exclusive behind the scenes clips, about skating a waterpark, getting Oski’s Olympic helmet designed and taking a slam on a warship. Read the whole interview with Oski & Lomar: For more infos check our website: Follow SOLO on IG: Follow SOLO on TikTok: Follow SOLO on facebook: Subscribe to the mag: Check our shop: