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NEW! ERIC DRESSEN 2023 FULL LENGTH EDIT and DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY from Speed Freaks Sessions 1989VENICE, CALIFORNIA 1989 The Eric Dressen Speed Freaks part was 6 minutes long. After filming and editing that in 1989, I have always wanted to do a proper edit with this footage so here it is! 24 minutes and it's only the street sessions/ my commentary. Mini ramp and pool re edits coming soon. In '89 I was fast cut editing as I had so many skaters to get into the video, so it was amazing to re-edit this and show the full lines and a lot of footage that did not make the original edit. Looking forward to doing these for all the iconic parts I made back in the day. Thank you for tuning in! -TR Eric Dressen's part in the 1989 full-length Speed Freaks stands as some of the most influential skateboarding to date. In the late-’80s many were emulating Dressen’s style god skills from Speed Freaks. Eric's part from this video helped to shape how skateboarders across the world viewed what could be done and how stylish it could look. Speed Freaks was filmed and edited by Tony Roberts. -The Berrics When we filmed the Kenter part, Tony was right on my ass keeping up with me, I was like OK, let's do this! I was stoked to have somebody filming that could skate as fast as he could, and keep up with me, I didn't have to hold back or anything. -Eric Dressen "That stuff Tony filmed inspired everybody to film follow cam. It became the coolest way of capturing skateboarding. Something about fisheye, just rolling with the's priceless." -Eric Palozzolo, Santa Cruz Skateboards I first skateboarded when I was five years old. I got into skateboarding because of my Uncle Graham. He rode for Con Surfboards. He always had skateboards around. When I turned 8, I saw that “Endless Summer” movie and I wanted to learn to surf. All the older people said, “Get a skateboard. Learn how to skateboard first, and then you can learn
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