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TWS Vault: Jason Hernandez Ep 54 | Brian Lotti, Chad Tim Tim, Shiloh Greathouse, Brandon Biebel
TWS Vault: Jason Hernandez Ep 54 | Brian Lotti, Chad Tim Tim, Shiloh Greathouse, Brandon BiebelFrom Shiloh to the 508 guys, looking back it seems like I was skating with a lot of different people, but I definitely had my typical crew. If you were in the upcoming TWS video you were my top priority. You get my spots, you get first choice on where we were skating, etc. But the moment that skater said, "I don't care let's go where ever." I'd call up some other guys who had a clear idea of what they wanted to skate. I can see what I'm doing with Chad Tim Tim, I was feeling him out for a future TWS video. Finding the Brian Lotti lines was exciting to look back on. I can imagine my 23 year old brain wondering, "What am I doing filming a flat ground line?" Back then it was all about bigger stairs, the longest rail, most tech, etc. I was so interested in that because I thought that's how it had to be. I wish I could let go of the ways I was brought up in the skate video world. These days most skaters will watch their favorite pro lace up their shoes and explain why they do it that way and it will get views. DAMN, I envy that about today's generation. Growing up making videos back then has definitely hindered the way I look at making videos to this day. Featuring Shiloh Greathouse, Danny Montoya, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, Chad Tim Tim, Stefan Atardo, and Brian Lotti. I start each video the same way, I pick two to five DV tapes (in order) from my TransWorld DV drawer. I read my log book and find out what’s in store for the next video. I line the deck up with the time code that coincides with what I have written down, and the memories start flowing. I’ll fiddle with the order depending on just how gnarly the tricks are, BUT these videos are chronological in the sense that I do not skip around to different tapes just to find “gnarlier” tricks to make the edits better. These edits play very closely to how the foot