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Skatepark Hires Security to STOP SKATERS!
Skatepark Hires Security to STOP SKATERS!Check out the XE300 Sony Speaker! ➡️ ⬅️ I finally came out of my shell a bit! San Diego is incredible, and I'm so stoked I'm going to featured in a Sony campaign doing what I love to do. If you're in the market for a bluetooth speaker, cop your self one, you'll be supporting me as well which would mean a lot obviously 🙏🏻 🛹 MY SHOP: ✍️ MY INSTAGRAM: 🐤 TWITTER: 🌐 FOLLOW OUR BRAND: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎵 I use all my music from here ➡️ AMAZING For Youtubers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🤝BUSINESS EMAIL: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🛹 ALL MY SKATEBOARD GEAR: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Posted by: John Hill