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SOLO: Radio Skateboards – "Futschi"
SOLO: Radio Skateboards – "Futschi"The legendary Berlin brand Radio Skateboards are here with a new video that is a mix of the authentic German capital skate scene and the best of the internet. Btw, "Futschi" is a Berliner local drink mixed out of 8 parts of brandy and 2 of coke. Prepare your dink for the full experience. With Valeri Rosomako, Philipp Oehmige, Collin McLean, Octavio Trindade, Victor Bass, Konstantin Rutschmann, Malte Spitz, Karim Schröder, Lennie Burmeister, Justus Braun, Conrad Bauer, Maxim Rosenbauer, Tommi Fuhrmann, Sami Harithi, Florian Bodenhammer, Max Kähni, Cesar Moreno, Sergej Vutuc