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INTRUDERS Ep. 3 Featuring Cody Lockwood
INTRUDERS Ep. 3 Featuring Cody LockwoodSubscribe to CreachTube: Coming to you live Friday, August 13th on the #CreachTube! Starring: Sam Hitz Featuring: Cody Lockwood Head on over to C-Lock's crib and check out his epic board wall, glass collection and other prized possessions, then head to the basement to see what else he's got lurkin! Your average “wall board” show THIS IS NOT - but rather a “what the f@ck is that?” ”what dimensions are that shape?” “What went down on that deck?” And “who did those graphics?”... monocle-worthy items if you will? Let’s just say there will be some heavy lifting! With our own Sam Hitz spearheading the show, INTRUDERS promises to have notes of obnoxiousness and left-field questioning that will make board collectors of the world cringe. Yet unable to look away, like a wreck on the highway. Filmed By: Lannie Rhoades, Jacob 'Paco' Nuñez Edited By: Lannie Rhoades Music By: Rat Sh!t Hacksaw Valdur Watch more INTRUDERS Episodes: Follow Cody: Follow Hitz: Follow Lannie: Check out the Larb bandcamp: LURK WITH US: Shop: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #CreatureSkateboards #Skateboarding #CreachTube