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Joe Milazzo: Creature Fiend Club 'Coffin Cuts'
Joe Milazzo: Creature Fiend Club 'Coffin Cuts'Subscribe to CreachTube: You've seen Joe put it down in his Creature Fiend Club part earlier this year, now get a taste for how his part came together with outtakes, slams, and extra licks in our latest Coffin Cuts! If you've seen this Lunatic's Fringe in the June '21 Thrasher Magazine, you know Joe will put a serious hurtin' on any spot you put in front of him! With that laser-sharp, All Terrain capability, he's always on the hunt for his next victim - Pool, Curb, Ledge, Rail, Bank, Hill, Gap - Don't matter. We are proud to unleash Joe Milazzo’s Coffin Cuts to the world! Fiend: Joe Milazzo: Video: Chris Varcadipane: LURK WITH US: Shop: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #CreatureSkateboards #Skateboarding #CreachTube