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Talkin' Schmit: BUCKY LASEK
Talkin' Schmit: BUCKY LASEKBucky Lasek zoomed into the program with a great chat including topics of: growing up in Baltimore, living on a boat, coming to California, having a bowl in his backyard, F1 racing, the complete circle of sponsors(starting with Powell and ending with Powell), Vans Combi Masters and Legends divisions, crashing his car during a Gopro course preview, the Olympics, the invention of the switch Fall Guy and much much more… SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: BUCKY ON INSTAGRAM:​ BUCKYEAH YOUTUBE: If you want to help support the show, head over to​ and pick up some merchandise. There's also lots of photos, video and extras to help complement each interview. INTRO MUSIC: "Mary's Cross" by Natur MUSIC: “Adirondack gate” by @Shane_Medanich CLOSING MONOLOGUE: Noelle Fiore EXECUTIVE DIRECOTOR: Sharal Camisa SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST:​ WEBSITE:​ YOUTUBE:​ INSTAGRAM:​ FACEBOOK:​ EMAIL COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS: During these difficult times I encourage you to help your local skate shops, your favorite restaurants, friends and family. Be kind and give what you can to those that are in need. If you have good friends, tell them you love them while you still can.
Posted by: Epicly Trife