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TWS Vault: Jason Hernandez Episode 15 | Kyle Leeper, Richard Angelides, Pat Duffy and More
TWS Vault: Jason Hernandez Episode 15 | Kyle Leeper, Richard Angelides, Pat Duffy and MoreTo put into perspective how much I traveled during these times, I remember being in Sacto filming with Stefan and Biebel all day, then leaving late that night, and driving straight to SD to film with Kyle the next morning. That was the session with him and Richard at the downhill manual pad he got that Rick-flip manny—it was well worth it. I think I stayed with him that night, or I slept at TWS in the editing room. It is crazy how far technology has come, Jon Holland and I would edit in a tiny room at Transworld—we didn't have two computers at the time, eventually we got another one, but we would edit one at a time. We would take turns sleeping on the couch behind whoever was editing, once either of us was finished for the night, we would let the other edit their section they were working on. It was such a fun time, the amount of knowledge I was taking in wasn't something money can buy. It really made me feel like I was making something special. Spots in LA were scarce, so when I found the loading dock gap, I would take so many people there, I would go back there over and over. I painted the curb blue so the gap was more visible. Skating with Pat was such a treat—I was scared one day I would slip up and fully fan out on him. He was such a skate rat, put in hours of trying, slam super hard, and keep coming back for more. Pat really is "The Terminator." Subscribe to TransWorld’s YouTube: Follow TWS for the latest: Daily videos, photos and more: Like TransWorld SKATEboarding on Facebook: Follow TransWorldSKATE on Instagram: