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WESTSIDE WEDNESDAYS:  **TAMPA Halloween Barrier Bash 2020**
WESTSIDE WEDNESDAYS: **TAMPA Halloween Barrier Bash 2020**The Tampa Rejects (@TampaRejects) and Scott Bentley (@SHMF813) along with a few other sponsors threw a gnarly jam on some of the hardest to skate barriers there are! lets just say tons of prizes were given away for things like; Longest slide, longest grind, Cash for tricks, Best trick overall... It all ended at the infamous 23 rail for a "bust or bail" style event with shop rider Mikey Premet (@mikeypremet) taking the hellride all the way to the bottom and securing the title of first local to conquer it! Shouts out to everyone involved and everyone that came out!! Now enjoy the festivities and stay spooky. Film/Edit: Ryan Hodgdon ( @Bigbrute_ // @bigbrand__ )