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Chris Gregson Rides Three Different Setups | My Indy's
Chris Gregson Rides Three Different Setups | My Indy'sAll Indy Trucks are unique to each individual who puts them on a board, and nothing beats Grinding 'em Down to the axle... Dig in with Chris Gregson in this Installment of "My Indys," as he talks about his three go-to setups and what it's like filming follow lines with Chris. Chris Gregson's Indys: 1. 169s on 8.6" deck w/ 56mm wheels - Grooves = Locked in 2. 215s - Speed, Stability and Width = No speed wobbles 3. 169s w/ 75mm wheels - Ditches, Streets, Rough ground = Filmer setup Filmed by Tylre Wilcox: ( Follow Chris Gregson: ( Follow Chris Russell: ( Follow Tom Schaar: ( Follow Vincent Matheron: ( _________________________________________________________ Ride The Best and Subscribe to Independent Trucks! YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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