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Creature Proudly Presents the Official GWAR collab!
Creature Proudly Presents the Official GWAR collab!Subscribe to CreachTube: Let's face it, only Creature can facilitate 35 years of GWAR on a skateboard. Well, actually it takes 4 boards ranging from 8.25" - to 9" wide to celebrate that many years of gore-drenched filth and torment of the human race. Creature is proud to announce the #GWARxCreature collab to you special maggots that just can’t get enough vomit and secretion from the legendary Scumdogs of the Universe! Act quick ‘cause these vile sticks are already marching out the door. HAIL GWAR! LURK WITH US: Shop: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #CreatureSkateboards #Skateboarding #CreachTube