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Game of SKATEpark #4 - Game #9 - Jip Koorevaar vs Chris Belling
Game of SKATEpark #4 - Game #9 - Jip Koorevaar vs Chris BellingThe ninth and last battle of the first round is a battle between the Bert’s. Jip Koorevaar VS Chris Belling Who do you think will take this years first place? Leave it in the comments. Sponsored by: Riders: Pim Wouters Bart Buikman Teun Janssen Jelle Maatman Bert Roeterdink Stephan Schuuring Robbin Welleweerd Ewoud Breukink Chris Belling Bert Wilmink Jay de Keijzer Jip Koorevaar Douwe Macare Woody Hoogendijk Remco Erkeland Sound effects from Epidemic Sound (sign up for your free 30 day's subscription) Check out for more skateboard news, video’s and photo’s. Like FLATSPOT on FACEBOOK: Follow FLATSPOT on INSTAGRAM: Check out the FLATSPOT WEBSITE: