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Best Of Jason Hernandez’s First 20 Tapes at TWS
In 2001 Greg Hunt and Jon Holland’s Sight Unseen premiered as one of Transworld’s most memorable videos. The following year Greg Hunt left Transworld to work for DC and his shoes were filled by Ewan Bowman who went on to make In Bloom and Free your Mind with Jon Holland. In 2003 Ewan recommended to Jon Holland to hire a young 22 year old videographer from LA’s San Gabriel Valley by the name of Jason Hernandez. The following year Ewan left TWS leaving Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez to continue the TWS video legacy. Together they produced and created six full length videos from 2003-2008 (Free Your Mind, Are You Alright, Subtleties, First Love, A Time to Shine, Let’s Do This). This video is a compilation of Jason’s first 20 mini DV tapes working at Transworld Skateboarding. You'll recognize some footage from Free Your Mind as well as Emerica's This is Skateboarding, Foundation's That’s Life, Zero's New Blood and more. We'll continue to release a couple tapes at a time every other week until we have gone through all of Jason’s 500+ tapes during his tenure at TWS. Stay tuned and enjoy as we greatly appreciate his Transworld Vault series. Filmed with a Sony VX2000 and a Century MK2 fisheye Skaters Featured: Rob Welsh @welshington Ray Barbee @Raybarbee Joey Poiriez R.I.P. Matt Allen @mattallen___ Leo Romero @leoromero Daniel Shimizu @dshimizu Ethan Fowler @heathenflowers Raymond Molinar @raymond.molinar Cairo Foster @cairofoster Bryan Herman @bherman Brian Sumner @briansumner Charlie Thomas @charliethomas Brian Arizmendiz @btownbooze Gareth Sterh @dirtsqid Al Partanen @parts Peter Hewitt @goonsac Darren Navarrette @navs500 Matt Mumford @bloodkowski John Rattray @ratt_ray Don Nguyen @nuge666 Donny Barley @donnybarley Kris Markovich @kris_markovich Dorian Tucker @recordablecolors Darrell Stanton @darrellstanton Terry Kennedy @terrykennedy John Allie @jon_allie_ Joey Pepper @jo