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Skatepark Hengelo (Lars de Weerd, Keet Oldenbeuving, Douwe Macare)
Skatepark Hengelo (Lars de Weerd, Keet Oldenbeuving, Douwe Macare)A little while ago the city of Hengelo in The Netherlands got a brand new skatepark. Because of Covid19 we couldn't check it out sooner but we finaly made it there. It has almost all the features you would need in a skatepark and you can make lines for days. Should you ever be near, make sure to visit it. Riders Douwe Macare Lars de Weerd Bob Zevenbergen Bert Wilmink Keet Oldenbeuving Luca Hendriks Leon Wolters Bert Roeterdink Tjeerd Derkink Film & edit Tim Koster Music: Lacklustre Foray - Ritchie Everett Music by Epidemic Sound (sign up for your free 30 day's subscription) Check out for more skateboard news, video’s and photo’s. Like FLATSPOT on FACEBOOK: Follow FLATSPOT on INSTAGRAM: Check out the FLATSPOT WEBSITE: