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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #100 - Favorite Moments, Cyril Jackson's "SURVIVAL"
Nine Club EXPERIENCE #100 - Favorite Moments, Cyril Jackson's "SURVIVAL"We celebrate our 100th episode with fan favorite moments from the show, Nine Club tidbits, Channel Membership questions, phone calls, Eldy’s Pick Of The Week, Cyril Jackson's "SURVIVAL" Part, a message from Steezus Christ “The Plight Of My Black Skin” and much more!! Also, we’re picking 3 winners from the “Free Dome” raffle including 2 boards, hat and a shirt ( All donations we received from that Super Chat we will be donated to Campaign Zero This weeks raffle is a Shake Junt package ( 3 sheets of grip, bearings, drink koozie, dog leash and stickers! Subscribe to The Nine Club: Subscribe to Our Highlights Channel: Want to support us? Become a member: -------------------------------------------------- This Episode brought to you by: Santa Cruz Skateboards: Mob Grip: Ricta Wheels: Check out all our Deals and Discounts: -------------------------------------------------- Time Stamps: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:47:22 - Steezus Is Back! 00:03:32 - The Plight Of My Black Skin - Steezus Christ 00:17:56 - A Nine Club History Review 00:23:55 - Nine Club Birthday Candle! 00:28:11 - Money Raised through last weeks raffle for Campaign Zero 00:29:08 - This Weeks raffle 00:33:42 - Cyril Jackson's "SURVIVAL" Part 00:51:41 - Fan Favorite Moment: Burnt Eggs & Bacon 00:57:47 - Video Question - Who would you want to score your video part 01:01:34 - Video Question - First pro we ever met? 01:13:15 - Our Sponsors 01:13:42 - Eldy’s Pick Of The Week 01:30:09 - Fan Fa
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