Skateboarding videos
Louie Barletta, Ray Barbee, Jason Adams & Caswell Berry skate DIY bridge | YODfer Files | Ep 01
Here is the first installment of the YODferd Files; extra sessions and unused bits and bob's from the making of #yeoldedestruction. There will be about 8 to 10 of these over the same amount of weeks. Here is a fun little session at a now Gandhi D.I.Y in San Jose. As you can tell, this stuff is really about what skating is for most everyone; having fun with your friends, laughing, and obviously challenging yourself in the process. Hope this brings a little joy in the midst of these seriously tense, and intense for a good - bad reason times. Best to all of you out there, stay safe. Thanks to @louiebarletta @kidadams @r.barbee @caswellberry —— soundtrack by @noagela. Hand written text by @sergejvutuc