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Fudge Queen
A short mockumentary about a 76 year old woman who's finding comfort in the kitchen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This was originally created for the Women in Film: Curbside Shorts Film Challenge (which gave female and/or non-binary filmmakers a total of 7 days to create and submit a 2 minute COVID-19 related short film of any genre using only the tools and resources they had on hand.) Unfortunately we experienced repeated technical difficulties while exporting the final film and by the time we sorted them out, the contest's submission limit of 200 short film entries had been reached and the contest was closed. So, here it is anyway. Written 05/22/20 Shot on 05/23/20 Edited on 05/25/20 Featuring: Jerlyn Priest and Fyn Stec Writer/Director: Dayla Kennedy DP/Editor: Colin Kennedy
Posted by: Colin Kennedy