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Watch Our Favorite Quarantine Edit Self-Filmed by Victor Cascarigny
Skating alone isn’t easy, and it really isn’t that fun either. There’s nobody to hype you up to try something new, nobody there to dap you up after you finally roll away, and, of course, there’s nobody around to film you. You might’ve noticed on your feed that that isn’t stopping your favorite pros from setting up their selfie angle and tossing out a couple flat-ground tricks. Usually, this might come off as super cheesy, but with quarantine and social distancing and all that, that rule is null and void. Play with yourself and film it–why not! Our friend and Element am Victor Cascarigny stepped it up a notch and put together a fun part that proves solo self-filming can have both awesome skating and a creative way of presenting it. Victor was able to put together this video in his home city of Toulouse, down in the South of France, in two weeks during the shutdown. More info:
Posted by: Jenkem Mag