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Anderson Pereira's "Bring Me Back" Part
Remember Anderson Pereira? We interviewed him in 2019: He’s a Brazilian skater who grew up in a favela with few opportunities, selling drugs and working in gangs until he came to America and used skating to open doors. Now he lives in LA, hustling and getting flow from good brands like Fucking Awesome and Adidas. Anderson first saw footage of the legendary Embarcadero when he was just a kid in São Gonçalo, Brazil. EMB is where Carroll, Sanchez, Watson and Kelch reigned in the early ‘90s; and nearby on the other side are the concrete manual pads/ledges at Pier 7, where Lavar McBride, Karl Watson, and Stevie Williams did stylish lines that seemed like they could’ve gone on forever. Anderson made his way over to San Francisco recently, and took a pilgrimage to the Embarcadero neighborhood to pay homage to the spots and skaters that made him want to skate hard enough to get as good as he got. He even souped up (or souped down) an old VHS camera just to get the early 90s vibe just right.
Posted by: Jenkem Mag