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Daylight Skateboards' "Take Care" Video
We’re happy to premiere an oddly heavenly and uplifting video from New Zealand that might make Day Whatever of your quarantine a little brighter. Luke Browne, the founder, filmer, and editor for Daylight Skateboards, has been a staple in the New Zealand’s relatively small skate scene since 2013. Most kiwis who want to make a career in skating head off to Australia, but the new Daylight video shows there are enough great spots and solid skaters to put New Zealand on the map. Luke praised his crew and told us, “It’s just sick that I have somehow ended up with a very talented group of skaters who are happy with what they have here.” FEATURING Jonty Hoggard Jack Fagan Hootie Andrews Mikey Gibson Robin McArthur-Adams Shamus Peters Robbie Blunsom Hunter Lander Smith Calder Marshall Luke Pile Elijah Robertson Simon Fraser-Mackenzie PJ Wybrow Nick Tognazzo Video by: Luke Browne MORE PHOTOS + INFO:
Posted by: Jenkem Mag