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Tristan Mershon's "All Brakes" Video
Tristan Mershon, a NY transplant from Florida, did his spring cleaning early this year and just put out nine minutes of skating shot in the good ol’ days of last year. In any other situation, we’d say this is the kind of edit–free and fun-loving and full of homies you want to be friends with–that would make you want to get out and skate. But, until we get through this social distancing stuff, you’ll just have to fiddle with your fingerboard or skate the flatbar in your driveway while feeling the hype from the clip. Tristan is currently back down south in Tampa, holding up at home for the pandemic. We hit him up to talk about putting the edit together in his childhood home between GTA V binges and spliff breaks. Check out the convo below, and if you’re feeling inspired, send us your own quarantine edits to peep. Featuring: Devin Sweat Levi Thompson Mac Milsark Dylan Rutherford Ricky Motta Josh Paynter Anthony Battistini J.P. Cordina Brycen Hernandez Julio Diaz Javi Gutierrez John Devin Sam Bellipanni Marse Farmer Dustin Eggeling P.J. Castellano Chris Jata Joey Rodriguez Nate Grzechowiak Shawn Powers Video by: Tristan Mershon MORE INFO:
Posted by: Jenkem Mag