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How To Make Your Own Skateboard Graphic At CCS
How To Make Your Own Skateboard Graphic At CCSMake your own custom deck here - CCS has been printing people's custom decks for over a year now, but we recently added a lot of features to our customizing tool. In this video, our brand director, Matt is sitting at home in quarantine so he takes you through some of the new customs tools and shows you how to make your own custom deck. Hit the link above to start playing around and customizing your own CCS deck! Starting at just $49.95 for a deck, and $84.95 for a complete. Have fun and stay safe y'all! Shop Entire CCS Site Here See More CCS Videos Here Sign Up For A CCS Catalog Here See Cute Puppies Here Follow CCS on Instagram : @CCS Follow CCS on Twitter: @CCS_SKATE Follow CCS on Facebook: Okay, we're done here. Thanks for watching!
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