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Tampa Am 2019 with SC Minions Devin & Zion!!
Tampa Am 2019 with SC Minions Devin & Zion!!Subscribe to our YouTube! Watch as SC Minions Devin Flynn and Zion Effs join the rest of the gang for their first Tampa Am experience! Our Minions are joined by Jake Wooten, Henry Gartland, Jereme Knibbs, Dylan Williams, and Brian O'Dwyer. Follow Devin on Instagram: Follow Zion on Instagram: Follow Jake on Instagram: Follow Henry on Instagram: Follow Jereme on Instagram: Follow Dylan on Instagram: Follow Brian on Instagram: Filmed by Nick Hanson Follow Nick on Instagram: Edited by Trevar Cushing Follow Trevar on Instagram: Check out our Screaming Hand Filter on Instagram Learn more about Santa Cruz Skateboards at: Follow Santa Cruz Skateboards on Instagram: Follow Santa Cruz on Twitter: Like Santa Cruz Skateboards on Facebook:
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