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Camp Schill "Be Mine" Part | For Gigi
Camp Schill "Be Mine" Part | For GigiCamp Schill was raised by skateboarding—he may have even taken his first push before his first step. To make his video debut memorable and show his gratitude to all the skaters who have mentored him, Schill asked those who’ve guided and inspired him to be in his first part. Of course, they were eager to share clips and show their support. Tragically, during the final days of filming, Schill’s childhood best friend passed away. In honor of their friendship and her kind, beautiful spirit, Schill has dedicated his part in honor of his first and only best friend, Gigi. "Rest In Peace Gigi. Thank you for being my best friend. Your memories will live forever." —Love, Camp Subscribe to The Berrics: Shop The Canteen! 👉 Daily Videos and More: Like The Berrics on Facebook: Follow The Berrics on Instagram: Follow The Berrics on Twitter:
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