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Walker Builds His New Setup & Goes Skating!!!
Walker Builds His New Setup & Goes Skating!!!Walker builds his new setup and goes the park to skate after! I got him some Non-abasive grip because it's like the grip his has on his fingerboard that he loves, and it's also softer on his skin haha His next board he will go back to Amgrip I'm sure. Hope you enjoyed this uploaded. We really enjoyed making it. Super proud of my boy ❤ Also Walker filmed a video with Braille that also went live today! Make sure you goto their channel to check it out!!! Thanks for watching!!! ► Subscribe to Doug Des Autels If you liked this this video please HULK SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! Leave a comment letting me know what you thought or if you have a suggestion & please share this video on your social networks. Fan mail send to: Doug Des Autels P.O. Box 941342 Simi Valley, CA 93094
Posted by: Doug Des Autels