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Raspa's Tapes: Louie Lopez's NYC Shoe Anniversary Party
Remember the after credit montages in skate videos? You know, after the VHS tape went black and you’d think the video would be over, only to find one more party montage? Raspa’s Tapes is kind of an homage to that, where we throw our friend and filmer Alex Raspa in random places and watch him get raw footy. In celebration of Louie Lopez's two new leather colorways, a bunch of his teammates—Alexis Sablone, Mike Anderson, Raney Beres, and the illusive Jake Johnson—came out and popped the Cons NYC park’s cherry. Click ‘play’ for some rare indoor New York action mixed with questionable late night behavior. And if you’re wondering why it’s all shot in black and white, let’s just say it was to promote the black and white shoe colorways. (In reality, we have no idea except for “Raspa“) MORE INFO: Video by: Alex Raspa
Posted by: Jenkem Mag