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UHC 2020 presented by DC Shoes
UHC 2020 presented by DC ShoesCowtown’s Union Hills Classic 2020 presented by DC Shoes. We’re stoked to see new faces roll through the contest but this year had a twist and it was the young guns! From Pee-Wee up to 15, the divisions were jam packed. Not your average kick turns, they were hittin’ the big tranny, jumping on rails, and down the stairs. Can’t wait to see their progression next year. Never a dull moment, there were raffles in between heats. All proceeds from raffle tickets went to Cowtown S.K.A.T.E.’s Solano Skatepark Mission. Pizza if you needed a snack, water and Jarrito’s if you needed a drink. Something extra! Just before 16 Up and Sponsored/Advanced divisions, riders from the DC Team came through with a heavy demo! The start may have been a little rough on the guys, I mean think about being crammed in a van all morning after skating, then traffic, then out the van for an eager crowd. Brutal but like true warriors, everyone warmed up quick and killed it. Huge thanks to Evan Smith, T-Funk, Alexis Ramirez, Chase Webb, Jaakko Ojanen, Ish Cepeda, Justin Drysen, Cruise Mosberg, John Gardner, Eric Fischer, Chris Ray and Mike Blabac for making the journey. Last but definitely not least, 16+ & Sponsored/Advanced. Late in the day, sun burnt, and tired - these jams can be grueling for the riders but everyone pulled through. It was rad seeing Trey Ehinger take 1st place in the sponsored division. He’s won before in his age group but this was his first win with the big dawgs! Watching Matt Schlager take one of the heaviest slams the park has seen was a little rough but he walked away like a champ. Thank you DC Shoes, Santa Cruz Skateboards and OJ Wheels for making this event possible. Thank you Taylor Rae of Rad Cycled Industry for making the amazing trophies, everyone that skated in the contest and anyone that came out to show their support. Contest results: