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Mohkie's "MÖHKÍE EUROPE 2019" Video
We’re excited to show off the San Diego crew known as Mohkie. Much like Jenkem itself, Mohkie is a style of getting blazed that only skateboarders would be dumb enough to try. Basically, a ‘moke’ (or ‘mole’) is when you smoke tobacco and weed in a bong. These guys were so hyped on rippin’ mokes that they started going to Mohkie Town (smoking mokes in a dark room) and even throwing Mohkie parties. Now, they’ve taken a break from the moke hits and did what any smart skater would do: turn their inside joke into a video series and make merch. This video is the product of a month-long European tour with phenomenal skating and $10 massages on the beach in Barcelona. Isaac Eteminan, the filmer and editor, realized the footage was too good to save for their next full-length and decided to put it out with some of the best editing and lo-fi special effects we’ve seen in a while. Like if a leprechaun learned After Effects, but with 2x more hijinx. FEATURING: Koby Dvorak Sage Brittain Dane Emerson Connor Douglas Dane Barry Mario Cano Jeff Gatto James Humphry Max Pruitt Jonathan Franc Video by: Isaac Eteminan
Posted by: Jenkem Mag