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Jiro Plays Hooky
Welcome to the second episode of Jenk TV, the show that highlights skaters’ inner spazzes. This time around we spent the day with Jiro Platt, a 13-year-old from Lower Manhattan who already has more sponsors than some pro skaters twice his age. Jiro has put in the hours at LES skatepark over the last few years, and now that he’s slightly matured, we wanted to take him around Manhattan to see him skate some street spots and put his contest skills to good use. Although his board is still chest-high on him, Jiro seems to have skipped the “little kid style” phase entirely. His school is right by Tompkins Square Park, so we started there after he got out of class early, then quickly got into some hot dogs, dumpster diving, and a session at the Supreme Brooklyn bowl. Starting off the teenage years proper. Filmed by: Alexis Castro Edited by: Rob Fraebel MORE INFO:
Posted by: Jenkem Mag