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MITCHIE BRUSCO: What's Next? | X Games
Mitchie Brusco made history at X Games Minneapolis 2019, landing the first 1260 on a skateboard. He was nonchalant about it, slowly descending the ramp, sill focused on the trick he had just landed for the first time. But it was clear from his first run that Mitchie only had the 1260 on his mind. His switch 180 over the 50-foot gap was instant evidence that he was focused on giving himself the best opportunity on the quarterpipe. His first two 1260 attempts seemed close, but he ejected near the landing. On Run 3, he locked into his spin. The 1260 almost looked easy; Brusco didn’t even have to ball up his body. He tucked his left arm and landed as casually as if he’d only spun a 360. Brusco was expressionless as his colleagues came out to the flatbottom to celebrate with him. “I didn’t feel anything, but I felt a lot,” Brusco said afterward. What followed was a media frenzy. Mitchie, Mitchie, Mitchie… on Instagram, YouTube, the national news, you name it. But this wasn’t the first time that Mitchie Brusco was in the spotlight. As a Big Air skateboarder at X Games, Mitchie has been known for pushing progression. His career at skateboarding’s forefront has been a series of firsts: landed the first 900 in a Big Air contest (2011, Brazil). Landed the first 1080 in SKB Big Air (X Games Barcelona 2013). And now, the first 1260. Even Tony Hawk was speechless. In the months that followed, Mitchie Brusco was able to reflect on his accomplishment. The Skateboard Big Air ramp is not just another ramp; it needed to be treated with respect, and Mitchie took the necessary time and practice to prepare himself for pushing the progression forward. Instead of jumping in and just going for it years ago, Mitchie backed off, proceeded with caution and seized the moment when the time was right. This is Mitchie Brusco, unlocking the 1260, another first at X Games. SUBSCRIBE ►
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