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Braille Skateboarding Kickflip Test!
Braille Skateboarding Kickflip Test!Here is a setup video I filmed for my Woodward trip with Braille Skate. Some footage got lost and I couldn't finish it till now. Huge thanks to PJ Martin for editing and drawing/animating those comic cutscenes! Super awesome! Also big thanks to Braille as well! Hope you all enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the life button, share, and comment! Thanks for watching! ► Subscribe to Doug Des Autels If you liked this this video please HULK SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! Leave a comment letting me know what you thought or if you have a suggestion & please share this video on your social networks. Fan mail send to: Doug Des Autels P.O. Box 941342 Simi Valley, CA 93094
Posted by: Doug Des Autels