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Franky Villani Goes to Knott's Scary Farm
For those of you who don’t know, Knott’s Berry Farm is basically California’s Six Flags, and around this time of the year it turns into Knott’s Scary Farm with a ton of mazes, haunted houses, and other ~scary~ attractions – like a scene out of The Fun House. We rolled through with Eliane Castiglione, Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, and Aussie mates Jack O’Grady and Levi Jarvis. Franky had his eyes set on the most intimidating coaster there, the Xcelerator which takes you from 0 – 82mph in 2.3 seconds leaving you and your stomach in disarray. We bitched out on it but got some footage of Franky and others going for it. All in all, we made out alive and nobody out of our group punched any of the workers who tried to scare us so we’ll call that a win. Filmed by: Bobby Bils Edited by: Alexis Castro
Posted by: Jenkem Mag