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Vans Shop Riot European Finals 2019 (Rob Maatman, Simon Karlsson, Christan Estrada)
Vans Shop Riot European Finals 2019 (Rob Maatman, Simon Karlsson, Christan Estrada)The best skateshop teams from all over Europe came to Amsterdam for the European Vans Shop Riot finals 2019. With more than 15 team competing for the first place in a knock out kind of competition the skating was insane. Woody his shop got second this year so he could just chill and enjoy the event and of course support our Dutch homies from Burnside Skatepark. Results 1. Venero, Spain € 6000,00 2. Skate Boutigue, Belgium € 3000,00 3. Burnside, The Netherlands € 1500,00 4. Junkyard, Sweden € 750,00 5. Flatspot, United Kingdom € 500,00 Riders Rob Maatman Jan Hirt Simon Karlsson Ewoud Breukink Lars de Weerd Floris Sprenkeling Herm Golbach Robin Bolian Mickael Germond Simon Hallberg Gosha Konyshev Diego Broest Rafa Bocanegra Adriel Parmiano Christan Estrada Host Woody Hoogendijk Film & edit Tim Koster Locations: Noord Skatepark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Music: Can Still Dance - Tigerblood Jewel Witches - Tigerblood Jewel Shops Flatspot Venero Frisco Skateshop Monument Skateshop Skate Boutique Junkyard Wall Street Oktyabr Slut Skateshop Titus Picnic Skateshop Pop Skateshop gilis Skateshop Burnside Music by Epidemic Sound (sign up for your free 30 day's subscription) Products we use: The drone we use - The camera we mostly use - The Fisheye lens we use (without vignetting) - The Fisheye lens we use (with vignetting) - On camera sound captured with the Rode Mic - Woody’s famous mic - The SD cards we use - And if you need a bag with it, it all fits in this one - Check out for more skateboard news, video’s and photo’s. SUBSCRIBE to FLATSPOT: http://www.yout